Pre Assessment

personal information
I feel that my views are worth listening to
I feel that I can make a difference in my community through expressing my views freely off and online
I feel I can get the information I need to make decisions/choices affecting my life
I am confident expressing my views off and online
I feel I can express myself using different digital tools
I feel I can protect myself online
I feel I have the ability to communicate with others online and offline
I feel am able to assess synthesize and verify information using different digital media platforms
I feel I am able to think in a critical manner- analyze information, argue and debate online and off line
I feel am aware of digital media platform
I feel I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses expressing my views on and off line
I am able to take action on issues that matter to me, either myself or together with groups of my peers, offline and/or online
I would like to be a member of an (online or offline) youth network that promotes the rights of children and adolescents
I believe everyone (girls and boys) expressed views are valid
I believe I can influence others about topics important to me
I feel I can provide support to my family/peers through my views
I can influence decision makers in my school/community using digital media platforms
I am able to teach other peers what I have learned about views using digital media
I am able to understand where my rights and responsibilities and boundaries in expressing my views to others
I feel confident in my ability to use online tools to get information to shape my decisions
I feel I can form a strong argument online/offline about issues important to me