About Dawwie

About Dawwie


Egypt, a land of rich history and an ancient civilization, has always been home to great women and girls. And today, Egypt is home to 19 million girls, each looking for an opportunity to achieve her ambitions and to take her rightful place in the world.
And to help Egypt’s girls achieve this, we need to listen, support, and encourage them to express themselves and to voice their dreams. We need to be a society that believes in equality between women and men for a brighter future to all.
And this is why Dawwie started; to create an environment that supports girls to share their aspirations and stories, and to provide them with access to services and experience that can help shape a brighter future for them. Dawwie helps your stories echo in other people’s lives, creating an impact that helps them through their future, just like the word “Dawwie’s” meaning in Arabic.

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Important to know


Empowerment is a journey that starts form within yourself, and later expands to include your family and community who can either encourage or hinder this empowerment.

As for girls, empowerment starts with providing them with access to resources, experience, knowledge, and support from family and community. Each and everyone of us has a crucial role in empowering girls so they are able to take their own decisions and determine their own future.

How does Dawwie empower girls?

The first step towards empowerment is creating a safe supportive space for girls to express themselves. Dawwie also works on providing girls with access to different skills and services. The stories shared by Dawwie’s champions help bring to light the positive role models that live among us and encourage  communities to support girls’ aspirations and rights. Dawwie empowers girls through:


“You are heard!”  This is one of the main objectives of Dawwie; to provide a safe space for girls and boys to share their experiences and stories so that they are heard and accepted within their families and communities. At Dawwie, we are interested in hearing  you and your life stories!
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When you are equipped with the right set of skills, you can make better informed decisions. Dawwie offers a “digital literacy” training available for free online through our website. Click here to start your training now. Press here to start!


Where is the nearest youth center to you? How about cultural center? Do you know the nearest clinic to check on your wellbeing? Dawwie offers a simple interactive map with important services and Dawwie’s activities near you.
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