Digital literacy

Digital literacy

التعلم الرقمي


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  • Price Free
  • Duration 2-3 Hours
  • LanguageEnglish and Arabic
  • CertificateCertificate of completion of the program
  • Modules4
  • Registration timeAny Time
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Digital Literacy

In our day and age, technology is inevitable and utilizing it to our advantage is important. Dawwie presents a free online interactive training that you can now access and receive your certificate. This training is designed to teach you about digital empowerment, being safely connect online and self-expressing using digital tools.

About the course:

Dawwie’s Digital literacy comprises a set of basic skills, including information processing and retrieval, participation in social networks, digital storytelling, and other digital skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhanced abilities to interact with others online and offline
  • Enhanced capacity to for self-expression and awareness using digital media outlets
  • Enhanced participants’ abilities to produce digital content  

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