Be the Change

Be the Change


Be the Change

Dawwie aims at promoting gender equality and is designed to inform, engage,
and inspire girls and boys to amplify equal opportunities,
as well as gain skills, knowledge,
and confidence to pursue the life options of their choice.

Take action

For individuals

  • Want to start Dawwie in your community or school?
  • Just download the toolkits
Dawwie Circle Storytelling Toolkit
Dawwie toolkit for individuals


  • Ideas to take Dawwie to your:
    Public library
    Youth center
  • Download Dawwie branding package of posters, flyers, stickers and more
Dawwie branding pack

For Institutions

  • Be a Dawwie Partner and commit to bring about the change within your institution.
    Download the toolkit and integrate Dawwie as part of your interventions and reach us through
Dawwie Institutional Toolkit
  • Want to influence policy
Download Girls Empowerment Policy Brief